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MUKAI Co. Ltd. may on occasion collect certain personal information from website users through inquiries made through its corporate website or similar. This privacy policy sets out guidelines which MUKAI must follow in the collection and handling of personal data. The following privacy policy should be read carefully in order to understand how your personal data will be treated. MUKAI places great importance on the privacy and security of its clients, and will work to protect the same.

Collection of Personal Data

MUKAI Co. Ltd., may on occasion collect the personal contact details and email addresses of individuals through inquiries made via its corporate website or similar. Inquiries made via telephone may results in the corporation requesting the inquiring party to provide personal data such as telephone contact details. Name, address, telephone contact details, email address and other relevant information may be required and requested in order to properly deal with an inquiry.

Objectives of Use of Personal Data

Any personal data collected by MUKAI Co. Ltd will be used for the sole purpose of improving and enhancing the individual customer experience. The company may use this information to provide the customer with what it believes to be beneficial and relevant information. MUKAI Co. Ltd will not use any personal data collected as a result of any MUKAI business activity for any purpose other than that specific at the time of data collection.

Provision and Disclosure of Personal Data

MUKAI Co. Ltd will not sell or provide to any third party the personal information collected from customers, nor use that information to try and persuade that same customer to invest. However, data may be used in such a way in the following circumstances:

  • Where the customer has agreed to any such disclosure
  • Where any such disclosure is required by law
  • Where it is necessary for the company to adhere to the law
  • Where it is required to protect significant interests, such a life, health or financial security

Protection of Personal Data

MUKAI Co. Ltd. will put in place any and all such measures as required to ensure that there is no leakage, loss or fabrication of evidence. It will work towards the proper protection of the personal information collected. MUKAI Co. Ltd. will review its privacy policy on a regular basis. The privacy policy will be accessible via the website.

Last updated 30th June 2010